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"Shooting with Allen was a really wonderful experience! We collaborated very well for the shoot and he was helpful with recommending possible wardrobe, hair, etc. to get the look we wanted. He made me feel at ease shooting in his home studio and obviously possesses great technical skill. He was also there to help pose a bit which resulted in some really interesting shots. It was definitely any awesome experience, and certainly someone to consider for working with an alternative aesthetic."
-Jessica/Miss Golden Gams


"I really had a lot of fun working with Allen. I don't have much experience having professional photos taken, other than for senior portraits in high school, but my session felt really laid-back yet focused. It didn't hurt that we had a really great backdrop, too. It was really easy for me to just enjoy myself during the process, instead of overthinking my poses and smiles. And I was also really pleased with the way the photos turned out. There was just the right amount of editing, but Allen was able to keep the essence of the picture. I'm very happy with the entire process, and I would definitely do it again." - Ashley Wallinger

"We had great chemistry, the three of us. Allen was all about trying our ideas and had plenty of suggestions. Usually when working with a new photographer for the first time there is an awkward period where we are both grasping at the concept. But i think we were so comfortable with each other and he was so interested and focused too i could tell the pictures were going to be fantastic. You can always tell during a shoot whether or not you are making magic. Sometimes you are surprised. But i think all three of us felt good about it and the whole process fell together perfectly."  - Jamie Frost

"Allen  is very professional in his photography business. Prior to the photo shoot, I contacted him concerning his offer through email and over the phone. In response, he was prompt in returning all of my messages as well as very flexible with scheduling. During the shoot, he was easy to talk with and very creative with his photography. My sister and I had a great time taking pictures with Allen! From the distance photos to the close ups he enjoys what he does and makes sure his customers are highly satisfied.  I would definitely recommend working with Allen for your photography wants and desires! " -Jadea Dabney

"Allen was amazing to work with. He's patient and extremely professional. His professionalism and skill were absolutely incredible. I mean just look at the work he does. It speaks for itself. I would highly recommend him to all. As a matter of fact I have." - Matthew Phillips

"Shooting with Allen was amazing. He is an excellent communicator and provides a professional, relaxed atmosphere. He provided constructive feedback throughout the shoot, which resulted in many great shots. I am looking forward to working with him again in the future!"

-Victoria Kate

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